Time Stamp (part b)

Lee Wilkes is a Brisbane based painter and photographer working primarily with landscape, as a blurring of time, space and memory. Utilising traditional oil paint, Wilkes uses repetition, reflection, and abstraction to express the impermanence and transformation of the rugged landscapes in his work, with ambiguous horizon lines blending the boundaries between land, sea and sky. Alternative materials such as aluminium panel, mirror, Epoxyglass and found items, challenge the tradition of his oil paintings.
“Time Stamp (part b)” was made in direct response to time spent in the rugged Central Plateau region of Tasmania. This painting is a monotype oil print made by creating a painting and pressing another canvas onto that painting making the print. This process creates atmosphere and ambiguity in the landscape, and has allowed me to capture a sense of this place.

Lee Wilkes


Oil on Canvas