Tracing Impacts

This work is the result of a drawing machine. A handmade, clunky and chaotic machine where detritus from the fire ravaged Tasmanian landscape is salvaged and used to expand on methods of expressive mark making. The machine makes dry-point marks that evolve over time, and reflect upon the interdependence, and the collisions of nature and culture.
When the landscape is burnt, damaged, dug up and stripped away, we are not simply met with nature, we are again met with civilisation. “We” have been unveiled by the bushfires. Wires, nails, miscellaneous tools and fire scorched machine parts – these are our traces. Now they are employed as drawing implements. The tangled and struggled movement of the fragile black lines echoes within our marked landscape.

Tim Coad


Dry-point on Hahnemülhe 300gsm paper