Jodie Wells

Dusk Storm Brewing, 2010

oil on linen

122 x 92cm

From the artist

I awestruck when I say the Woolnorth wind farm. Observing the metallic monoliths slicing through the famous Tasmanian pure air leaves one lost for words. On the one hand the windmills are nature's savior, a greener way to harvest the energy required by mankind, reducing out carbon footprint. On the other, we are confronted with a mass of stark steel and noise that now pollutes what was one pristine to the eye and ear.

Artist background

Born Queeensland 1971, Exhibiting since 2006. inalist in Eutick Memoiral Still Life Award Coffs Harbour 2009; Black Swan Portraiture Prize Perth 2009 & 2008; and Stanthorpe Art Prize 2008 & 2007.