Faridah Cameron

Tasmanian View, 2010

acrylic on canvas

115 x 125cm

From the artist

A line runs from beginning to end, a thread of continuity, writing a history of tie and place. Its shapes, its patterns are my cultural inheritance, transposing into the place I how know is home. Repetition brings familiarity; as I move back and forth across the landscape I come to know it. The way we see the land, and the way we represent it as 'landscape', comes from our past. The future of Tasmania is not yet written: what will we make of it?

Artist background

Originally from Melbourne. Has lived and worked in Hobart since 2004. Highly commended in Blake Prize 2012. Finalist in Bay of fFires Art Prize 2012; Togart Contemporary Art Prize Darwin 2009; Waterhouse 2005; & Sovereign Asia Art Prize Hong Kong 2005.