Craig Waddell

The Shadows Beneath The Soul, 2019

oil on linen

190 x 150 CM

From the artist

The Shadows Beneath The Soul is part of an ongoing body of work that explores landscapes that draw reference to sites of historical significance. Within my work I try to place myself in areas both physically and spiritually that ask questions around identity, isolation and mortality. It is in this compromising state that I am drawn to start responding to the natural world. I have been exploring areas along the Australian coastline for many years. Often tracing the history of early settlement and finding historical narratives that become the point of entry into making images pertaining to these selected sites. The coastline of Tasmania is a site that I have returned to many times. The dark beauty that surrounds this area has both a disturbing and magnetic energy to it. Reading about the history to this area and drawing from this area has been the platform for the emotive response within my painting. Opposed to a pictorial likeness I vigorously apply paint, pushing, pulling and scraping it around the surface to find a deeper meaning within the painting. I love the physical act of wrestling with paint and canvas, applying paint in an explosive way in order to try and capture the physical qualities of the landscape.

Artist background

Born Sydney 1973. Exhibiting primarily in Sydney and Brisbane since late 1990s. Winner Mosam Art Prize 2010. Highly commended in Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2016. Finalist in Woolahra Small Sculpture Prize 2016; Sulman, AGNSW 2013; Archibald 2012 & 2006; Wynne 2012 & 2005; Blake 2005; Fleurieu Art Prize 2011; and Doug Moran Portraiture Prize 2011.Residency at Moya Dyring ANSW Cité International des Arts Paris 2007/08.Lloyd Rees Memorial Award 2000. Recipient of Pat Corrigan Travelling Scholarship 1998.

Represented by Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane